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  • Milwaukee Carry Bag

    Milwaukee Carry Bag

    Tough, water resistant 600 denier material Shoulder strap or dual handle straps for easy carrying Durable zipper closure Ideal for tool and accessory storage

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  • Wedge Loc Link

    Wedge Loc Link

    WEDGE LOC LINK Provides a solid “link” between your airplane and other brands of tow bars or power tugs that were designed to connect to either your axle or tow pins. With the WLL, nothing touches any exterior surface of your plane –...

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  • Stiffy


    STIFFY FOR BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANES The Stiffy is an add on tool used with A tow-bar. At 1 pound, this spring loaded, reversible-ratcheting mechanism greatly increases the “leverage” available to help move your plane. Arrow model must be used...

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  • ST-1


    ST-1 FOR BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANES The ST-1 is the least expensive, most versatile option for hand or vehicle towing. With an overall length of 38.5″ and 3 pound 8 ounce weight, it fits neatly on the floor of your baggage compartment. This is...

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  • BE-4 Tow Bar

    BE-4 Tow Bar

    BE-4 2-piece design for hand or powered use for heavier airplanes. Extends to 61.5″, collapses to 33″ and weighs 5 pounds. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material.   FITS THESE BEECH MODELS: Bonanza Baron T-34 Travel...

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  • BE-3 Tow Bar

    BE-3 Tow Bar

    BE-3 FOR BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANES 2-piece design for hand or powered use. Extends to 43.5″, collapses to 24.5″ and weighs 4 pounds. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material. FITS THESE BEECHCRAFT MODELS: Bonanza Baron Travel...

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