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Sidewinder FAQ's & Video Presentation

How long does the battery last?
It depends on many things. Temperature, tire pressure, surface condition, slope. All of these will affect battery life.

What is the primary intended use for the Sidewinder?
Moving a light aircraft short distances. Examples would be in and out of hangars or parking spots. Gas lines.

How do I know when the battery needs charging?
The “state of charge” gauge is only useful after an extended period of non-use. It is not reliable just after using the machine. When you are showing 2 lights (after sitting for at least 30 minutes, you should consider re-charging. Please read the battery manual for full details.

How heavy an airplane will the Sidewinder work on?
The Sidewinder was originally designed for 4 to 5 thousand pound aircraft, but many owners are using them on much heavier models. It all depends on the particular conditions. We have many users with Twin Cessnas, Navajos, TBMs and Citations.

What is the warranty on the Sidewinder?
Consult the Milwaukee booklet or their web site for details on Milwaukee components. The Redline produced components are fully guaranteed for 5 years for the original purchaser.

Milwaukee Link Here -

What periodic maintenance or adjustments are required?
All bearings are “shielded” and lightly loaded and should last many years. Chains should be kept reasonably tight, but that process is very quick and easy. If the unit is kept clean, it should give many years of trouble free service.

Can the Sidewinder be used on different plane types or is there one model for each type?
The basic unit is adaptable to many aircraft types by simply interchanging the wheel adapters. Some may also require an extension. Changing back and forth between planes with different size nose wheel tires however, requires considerable interchange and may not be feasible.

Is there any assembly required?
The vast majority are shipped fully assembled, but a few models do require some simple assembly.

Are Sidewinders available for tail wheel aircraft?
Yes. We have made many for aircraft equipped with the Scott 3200 series tail wheels as well as many custom applications. 

Does rain and snow affect performance?
Yes, you may need to increase roller pressure in wet conditions.