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The accolade used to be: “works as advertised”. (Somehow that expectation gets lost in modern hyperbole.) In the case of your Sidewinder, you exceeded expectations, in that I hadn’t foreseen how beautifully engineered the device is, and how easily controllable the Bonanza’s movements on hangar and apron have proved to be . Every fellow aviator has been wowed.

Many thanks for a wonderful product. Kind regards Pieter

Pieter V New Zealand -


The new hangar is uphill. Even though the ST-1 is terrific, I can't push my Bonanza into the hangar by myself. Enter the new problem now. Works exactly as advertised, as have all the Redline products I have purchased. It's light and portable, why would anyone use anything else? If Redline develops new products, I want to be on the list. Their products are innovative, reasonably priced, and do exactly what they claim. A breath of fresh air in current times.

David G MD -


Overall, it's great. Plenty of power to get over the drainage ditches, and steering is very simple. Easier, in fact, than the manual towbar. I have much better control, and even with my weak shoulder moving the airplane isn't a problem.

If I fold it, retract the wheel (that part is genius by the way), and remove the battery, it fits in a duffel bag I bought. I put it in the bag and carried it with us on a recent trip. It went through the baggage door without a problem. 

It's also easy to use. Once set up, my seven year old can use it. My three year old tried but it kind of jerked and scared her, so somewhere between 3 and 7 is the minimum age you should advertise.

Michael C - 


Stuck here in the islands is tough without your contraption. I use it daily. It has saved me thousands, since the local FBO charges EVERY time they touch it. Thanks.

Roy C -
I bought a unit for my baron and love it. Flawless operation and needed here in the Caribbean.