• BE-4 Tow Bar

    BE-4 Tow Bar

    BE-4 2-piece design for hand or powered use for heavier airplanes. Extends to 61.5″, collapses to 33″ and weighs 5 pounds. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material.   FITS THESE BEECH MODELS: Bonanza Baron T-34 Travel...

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  • PH-1


    PH-1 FOR ECLIPSE AIRPLANES Main gear axle adapter allows the use of floor jack or bottle jack for tire maintenance. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material.

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  • Slider


    SLIDER FOR ECLIPSE AIRPLANES The Slider adapter inserts into the front axle and tightens securely. It provides a short “stub” on each side for any universal type tow bar attachment. With the Slider in place, nothing touches any exterior...

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  • ST-1


    ST-1 FOR BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANES If you own models 33, 35 or 55, the ST-1 is the least expensive, most versatile option for hand or vehicle towing. With an overall length of 38.5″ and 3 pound 8 ounce weight, it fits neatly on the floor of your...

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